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Bitcoin at the moment has reached the minimum values

According to Joe Davis, an analyst of the American investment company Vanguard,
there is a high probability that in the future the bitcoin rate may decrease up to a minimum amount of
7 000 USD for 1 BTC.

"Despite the fact that BTC can be used as a unit of account and a means of exchange, cryptocurrency is not an effective way to save capital," the expert said."I believe that the current value of bitcoin is based solely on speculation, not on fundamental economic values," he added. "I recommend investors to refrain from investing in bitcoin and other digital currencies, as this will limit their access to time-tested asset classes," said Joe Davis. "As innovation develops, most networks and associated virtual currencies may lose their relevance. However, it is possible that the rates of crypto assets will soar to unprecedented heights before the speculative bubble burst, " he said. According to the analyst, despite the skeptical attitude to digital currencies, he is optimistic about the blockchain technology, which has a great future.